Tuesday, December 6, 2011

October 2011

Zach, pointing, "Out Out Out!"

Vocabulary is starting to shoot up. Is using two words together, sometimes, like
"See Piggy"
"Oh no... fall!"
"No! My!" (heard him say this to his brother and sister a lot!)
"Go 'way!" (this too :) )
"no more..."

Using his imagination when playing, too. Noticed him playing in Jasmine's doll house with a little box he was calling "Daddy". He will make toys kiss with a "mwah" sound.

He will talk about what he's doing "micki micki" (pretending to mix food)

He developed a big love for watermelon... but only at playgroup.... until Mum figured out that she was cutting it wrong. It has to be in little bite size cubes :S

Tries to copy new words (but sometimes says "carp" instead of "scarf", etc)

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  1. He he about the watermelon. I like it in bite size pieces too so you can pop it all the way in and chew. (Rather than biting a drippy piece off.)