Tuesday, December 6, 2011

November 2011

Losing the curl a bit, but not the blue eyes

Running the track that his daddy mowed in the long grass

Zachary and Jasmine

Lists the milo recipe as you make it "Minoh... soogah... hot... micki micki... mihk ...Oooo, Sanks!"

Z: Hooray! I did it! (climbed out of cot)
Z: Mino peese... Sanks!

Calls pink minties "pinties".

Calls his brother and sister "Byrie" and "Dazzy" (or "Jammy")

Got taken to the doctor after another long cold.

Z: No! 'Way! (cries) MY! (keeps on fighting with his brother and sister... in his sleep Ü )

Mum: You can't have a DVD.
Z: Why?
Mum: 'cause you're wet and I have to change you.
Z: Oh dear!

Nov 27. Weight 14kg.

Z: Pintie?
Mummy: "Mmmmmmm mintie"
Z: MmmmNo!

Z: "burps" the words "excuse me". :)

Z: "do0-AAAAH" (meaning "Ta Da!")

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  1. Oh my! He's talking so much. You gotta try take some video for me. Hopefully meet you online at Christmas at least anyway. So cute. I love the 'making milo' commentary. And he sounds so sensible too. In a toddler way...can't have a DDD because he needs changing and that totally makes sense to him. :)