Monday, December 31, 2012

December, 2012

Modelling another scarf. This one's his, though. He likes green!

On holidays, trying out minigolf.

On the monkey bars with Byron.

erm..... help?

Out of petrol

Fueling up for Christmas shopping

Oops: out of petrol again...

Testing out his birthday jumper (not quite finished, and not quite his birthday)
Frequently: I wuv you, mummy!

In exactly the same tone:
I wuv baby lambs!
I wuv baby snails!
I wuv the sun
I wuv green
I wuv wool...

Zac (re bedtime) : But I had a sleep last night!

Z: I've got snot in my ears.

He can wink, though Byron and Jasmine can't.

November, 2012


Three-way chess is so easy...


On Byron's kinder excursion to the farm. It was a bit over 40 degrees, but he had fun!

October, 2012

Finally catches the bug his brother and sister had.

Tongue out for better focus :)

I collect stones. Aren't they amazing?

September, 2012

August, 2012

Anything you can do...

July, 2012

Actually achieved Chip Limit at Jasmine's party!

Making pancakes

Under the purple wattle

Z: I'm not a baby! I'm Zachary!

Z (at the front door, pretending...) : Grandpa! You're back!
Z (being Grandpa) : I know I'm back.

June, 2012

This month, Zac starts every second sentence with "Mummy, do you know...?"

May, 2012

Jasmine still thinks he's the baby

Playground roundabout

Checking out Byron's kindergarten

PJ's from England (you wouldn't know it, but he loves these)

Phillip Island holiday

Do you think he wants one?

Not impressed with the beach, after tripping in a cold 'river' and soaking all his clothes. Luckily his coat was off at the time.

Zac: I'm a princess.
Mum: You're a prince.

April, 2012

Thursday, September 20, 2012

March, 2012


Pretends Jasmine is his cat. Says to her, "Betch!" and then "Good boy!"

Also says "Luffoo, Mum." Aww...

Stopped bedtime bottles this month.

Getting some strawberry lessons from Jaz

Brother buzz cuts