Friday, June 18, 2010

May, 2010

Look at those big blue eyes Ü

This month he has been chatting and giggling. His sister discovered it was hilarious to scare him and make him cry, but that fun game is being stamped out by M&D. He's also learned to grab and pull her hair Ü
His weight on May 13 was 8.265, which is just above the 97th percentile. He knows he has a few kilos to put on to catch up with the siblings (about 6 more) and he's trying hard. He comes to playgroup, and sits up in the pram, watching everything intently.
He got a cough in the middle of the month, which is still going as I write this (over a month later) but is otherwise very healthy. He's even trying to do situps sometimes, and prefers to be propped up than laying on his back.
He's sleeping pretty well. He's ready for bed by 7pm, and usually just wakes up once (about 4 or 5am) for a new nappy and a bottle. Sometimes (if it's not too noisy) he'll have a decent hour in the morning, and then a few more after lunch. He's a pretty laid-back little thing!