Friday, March 11, 2011

December, 2010

After mastering crawling, the next step was a vertical one.

He's not sure how he got here, but he thinks it's cool!

Stood here making brrrrrrrrmmm noises; clearly it's some kind of vehicle...

With a loud 3-year-old brother, and a loud 2-year-old sister, he's not easily intimidated. Roaring at him is most likely to make him laugh and roar back!

Up Up Up!

He has a gap between his front teeth, but this month he whacked his face on something and severed the bit of skin right at the point that it went through his teeth. For a while it was a little sore lump attached only to the inside of his lip. Will be interesting to see if the gap closes a bit. He also started to wave. Especially to his own reflection :D
He also woke up sick on his first Christmas, and was hot and spewy for 4 days :(