Monday, December 31, 2012

December, 2012

Modelling another scarf. This one's his, though. He likes green!

On holidays, trying out minigolf.

On the monkey bars with Byron.

erm..... help?

Out of petrol

Fueling up for Christmas shopping

Oops: out of petrol again...

Testing out his birthday jumper (not quite finished, and not quite his birthday)
Frequently: I wuv you, mummy!

In exactly the same tone:
I wuv baby lambs!
I wuv baby snails!
I wuv the sun
I wuv green
I wuv wool...

Zac (re bedtime) : But I had a sleep last night!

Z: I've got snot in my ears.

He can wink, though Byron and Jasmine can't.

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  1. Hard to believe how grown up he's looking. So different from when I left. Looks tall too. Possibly end up a gentle giant? I'm sure he has some feist in him but he seems to be caring and gentle too.