Saturday, August 13, 2011

July, 2011

Scampers up the ladder at every opportunity.

Spent a day at Scienceworks, which was great when we finally found an enclosed little-kid-friendly area, and didn't have to chase kids every second. (Hard for two parents to keep an eye on 3 kids sometimes, especially when they want to run every which way)

Then we headed to the Aquarium. I'm sure Zach thought it was as Awesome as it was Massive...

Looking as cute as his big brother did in this top :)

At the playground at the lake. Looking a little weary by this point, but even though he wouldn't smile you can't help loving those blue eyes and blonde curls!

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  1. He's not looking as chunky now. He must be getting quite good on his feet too than I last saw. Aww Zacky. I miss you.